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AllReports Downloads

The current version of AllReports is both a DEMO and the latest version. If you have not purchased AllReports and do not have a serial number to enter than AllReports will default to DEMO mode. In this mode, all functionality is available except for printing reports and exporting electronic format files.

File Version Date Notes
AllReports23 01/24/2020 The current release of AllReports23
AllReports22 03/21/2019 The current release of AllReports22
AllReports21 05/30/2018 The final release of AllReports21

PitiCalc Download

Other Downloads

These are other files that are made available for download as needed.

File Description
QBFC 13 QuickBooks® SDK. Typically this file is automatically installed when AllReports is installed. This file is used mainly for troubleshooting when it does not automatically install.


Link Description
ZBP Forms Blank perforated paper that can be used for printing W2 forms in AllReports.
IRS IRS site for filing 1099s
SSA Social Security Administration site
Otter Oregon Workforce upload site
TWC Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) QuickFile page
State Unemployment Report List Links to various state agencies for reports supported by AllReports
State W2 Report List Links to various federal agencies for reports supported by AllReports